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  • Users are informed,
  • Users may object at any time,
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  1. In this case, for cookies whose sole purpose is to allow or facilitate electronic communication and cookies strictly necessary for the provision of a service specifically requested by the user, the following cookie:

The PHP SESSION COOKIE to ensure the proper functioning of the secure connection that collects the following data from the user: Afnic Id, Account Name, Contract Type, Customer ID, CN, Account Status, Organization Name and DN

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It is not possible to provide detailed information and updates on setting items that are solely under the exclusive control and authority of the publishers of browser software. By way of information, users can obtain additional information:

  • from the publishers of their browser on their website;
  • More generally on the CNIL website at

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  1. Users have a right to access, remove and/or modify their personal data communicated by means of cookies in the conditions indicated Your data.